Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Riding the recent success of Adelaide-born Sia, and her fourth solo album release (Some People Have Real Problems), CSS have been quick to extend the shining spotlight for the starlet lending a hand on the track 'Buttons'. 'Buttons' appears as a hidden track on the international release of the album after 'Lullaby' but is the first single released in Australia. The track alone helps CSS in reworking it, as I found that it is a pretty good number in itself - which makes me think CSS may have overdone it. Multiple layering almost exhausts the flow of the song in certain parts and sounds like they had just sampled or sequenced too much over the vocals. Still proves to be a jumping version nonetheless.

Buttons (CSS Remix) - Sia

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To add fuel to the fire on the Sebastien Tellier hype is pretty easy. As our other bloggers have mentioned; the guy is cool, clever, overtly sexual and probably just as arrogant as any other notable Frogs. The other day I was scanning through my 'most played' on iTunes out of curiosity and came across this old number from the man himself. The song is 'Le Long De La Riviere Tendre'. It came to my attention via a LateNightTales compilation in which AIR mixed in 2006. I'm unsure on whether it was released on a record although it is amazing. I love this track. Perfect for a film - possibly the end credits or something. Probably been done already. I love these 3 things about the track in particular.

1. The Enya-esque feel to it.
2. The tempo. Perfect pace for just a chill out.
3. The truncated melody - almost sounds like he got the theme to an old ATARI/ARCADE game and just looped it backwards!

Le Long De La Riviere Tendre - S├ębastien Tellier

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